Brieven over het Kwaad

Anthony Collins

A philosophical inquiry concerning human liberty (1735)


Système de la nature (XI en XII)
Le bon-sense

Joseph Priestley

The doctrine of philosophical necessity
A free discussion of the doctrines of materialism and philosophical necessity

Robert Owen

Tekst in The Crisis

Arthur Schopenhauer

De vrijheid van de wil (1835)

Paul Rée

Der Illusion der Willensfreiheit (1885) [Engelse vertaling]

Clarence Darrow

Attorney for the damned
Crime, its cause and treatment (1922)

John Hospers

Meaning and free will (1950) [tekst]
What means this freedom (1958) [tekst]
Human conduct. An introduction to the problems of ethics (1961) [tekst]

Eliot Slater

The M’Naghten rules and modern concepts of responsibility (1954) [tekst] [reactie op Slater]

Hugo Van den Enden

Morele oordelen en de zogenaamde “vrije wil” (1970)

De experimenten van Benjamin Libet

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Galen Strawson

Freedom and belief (1986)
The impossibility of moral responsibility (1994) [tekst]

Ted Honderich

A theory of determinism (1988)

Bruce Waller

Freedom without responsibility (1990)
Against responsibility (2011)                                                                                                            The stubborn system of moral responsibility (2014)

Richard Double

The non-reality of free will (1991)

Andries van Dantzig

Interview in Trouw (1997) [tekst]

Derk Pereboom

Living without free will (2001)

Talmer Sommers

The objective attitude (2007) [tekst]

Neil Levy

Hard Luck: How luck undermines free will and moral responsibility (2011)

Jan Verplaetse

Zonder vrije wil (2011) [link]

Sam Harris

Free will (2011)

Gregg Caruso

Free will and consciousness: A determinist account of the illusion of free will (2012)

Skepticism about moral responsability (2018) [link]

James B. Miles

The free will delusion (2015)

Patrick Todd

Manipulation arguments and the freedom to do otherwise (2016) [tekst]

The replication argument for incompatibilism (2018) [tekst]

Michael A. Istvan JR 

A rationalist defence of determinism (2020) [tekst]